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Your Difficult Person May Not Be the Problem


Your difficult person at work just might NOT be the problem!

Does this sound hard to believe? Managers and leaders often connect problematic staff behavior with the person they think is the source. Co-workers do the same with their peers or bosses.

This can be a premature conclusion and can be a mistake. Instead of reacting to the unwanted behavior by correcting the individual, it’s important first, to assess what systems or procedures in the work group may be missing or unclear. The difficult person you think is the problem, may not actually be.

Individual problem employees are typically a signal that there is a misunderstood, unclear, or absent process or expectation held in the group.

This is the place for a manager or leader to direct attention first. Then, address communicating the process, procedures, expectations. Lastly, address individual behavior as needed.

Watch this short video on our YouTube channel to hear all about it!

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