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Shaping healthy and high-performing workplaces

Showing clients a pathway to organizational excellence by blending the art and science of productivity, leadership, culture and change.

Shaping healthy and high-performing workplaces

Showing clients a pathway to organizational excellence by blending the art and science of productivity, leadership, culture and change.

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We can diagnose strengths and opportunities in the organization and help you navigate the path to higher performance, resilience, and retention.

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We can create competency models, leadership 'brand', and shore up skillsets and mindsets to meet dynamic organizational needs. 

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Uber-engaging, expertly-designed, and results-focused coaching and development experiences for supervisors, manager, and leaders

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Award-winning, content-rich speakers will open, expand, and shift audience thinking for your keynote, breakout, retreat, summit, or meeting.

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How we work with high-achieving individual professionals

Learning and development from the neuroscience labs to you

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Limited individual coaching for professionals, managers, and leaders available in 90-day renewable packages.

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Mara Bain, Director of Salesforce and Mayor of Fridley, MN

"I have to tell you how often I've reached for your book and your materials in the past few months! ..... I literally think about your book and use its tools every single day. It has helped me to set limits and find space for professional life, personal life and brain healing.

While this is a very unconventional testimony to your work (and perhaps not the recommended path for many people), I wanted to say thank you and that you've literally been on my mind lately. :) Many, many thanks!!"

Roland Sullivan, Change Agent

"I approached Erika when she presented to the Association of Change Management Professionals in Minnesota. I said that her session was the absolute most engaging, exciting, useful learning experience I've had in Minnesota in the last 10 years. She's on the cutting edge utilizing the "brainie" Neuroscience competence in organization transformation. I just received her book, "The-Brain Friendly Workplace." Is cutting edge. It so important that I'm giving it to my daughter this week because her passion is integrating Transformative Neuroscience with OD. Erika is positive, humorous, trustworthy, helpful and effective as a leading organization change and development and transformation expert. I know. She was the internal change agent that I worked with.

I'm Dr Erika Salina

Founder and CEO of WorkingSmarts, Inc.

We show professionals and organizations how to work, manage, and lead smarter using brain-friendly methods so they are more productive, get better results and a healthier work life.

We are driven to share smart strategies to make work time productive, rewarding, and results-focused. Personally, I am a superfan of smart design, efficiency, and high-performance and an eternal striver for well-being, happiness, and health. Guess you could say I have one foot in science and one foot in art. Makes my walk kind of funny, but it's a good life for me.

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Why is WorkingSmarts unique?

What makes our products and services so valuable?

Not everyone will ever see this section, and some who see it won't care to read it thoroughly.

That's okay.

Those who DO see it and DO read it are our peeps.

People who are drawn to our programs are curious, eternal learners, have the ability or desire to self-reflect, and are driven to make a positive impact on their work environments.

Wondering if you might thrive in one of our self-paced or group courses?

Here's a bit about what you'll find in all of our programs and materials . . . 

Lots of juicy research about how brains work, how people interact, how groups form and change, how change happens and more
and . . . all of that juicy research is made interesting, engaging, and best of all, practical for use at work!

Bonus: much of what you learn in our programs will also be applicable to your life outside of work too!

We give you the meat -- the practices and why the practices work, and then have you digest how you will use them -- when you will use them, with whom, and you'll get your feet wet practicing.

We create comfortable, respectful, safe spaces for learning and growing and consistently - year after year after year - have clients share with us the enormous impacts that their participation had on their lives. 

As you might expect, we use brain-based learning theory to build our programs, so you'll see things like frequent short breaks, music, humor, and a variety of activity types.

If you are a human, you are welcome and honored in our learning environments. 

Featured on YouTube: "Dr. Erika Salina: Radical Productivity, More Ease!"

Your Difficult Person Isn't the Problem

Does this sound hard to believe? Managers and leaders often connect problematic staff behavior with the person they think is the source. This can be premature and can be a mistake. Instead of reacting to the unwanted behavior by correcting the individual, it's important first, to assess what systems or procedures in the work group may be missing or unclear. The difficult person you think is the problem, may not actually be.

Individual problem employees are typically a signal that there is a misunderstood, unclear, or absent process or expectation held in the group. This is the place for a manager or leader to direct attention first. Then, address communicating the process, procedures, expectations. Lastly, address individual behavior as needed.


How to Improve Staff Accountability - Part 1

In this first part of a 3-part series on building accountability at work, Dr. Erika Salina shares a more useful way to look at accountability. Trying to push on accountability at work is largely futile, because it's not actionable. Accountability has components . . . ingredients. In this video, Erika shares the first two components -- responsibility and transparency. She also offers suggestions for what to do in order to improve each for your team or with your colleagues.


How to Get Over Workplace Bullying

Dr. Erika Salina (was Garms) of WorkingSmarts, Inc. shares three ways to get over workplace bullying -- understand your goal is not to "get over it" but rather to "get through it" to a more self-assured, focused, calm, and productive version of yourself. This is possible! The second way is to pick a scope that you want to put your energy into, and thirdly, take first action steps toward recovery at the scope level you chose.

Dr. Salina discusses how the RESTORE program uses a path with sequenced steps toward recovery after enduring a "work hurt", some sort of emotional injury at work.


Don't Focus on Resistance to Change

Instead of focusing on and talking about resistance to change at work, Dr. Erika Salina suggests focusing on living gracefully with transition as the "new normal" in our organizations. Our language reflects our mindset. When we (especially managers and leaders) use language that imply that a change initiative is separate from us, that it stands in confrontation with our organization or current systems, we signal to staff that the change is unwelcome, and an intrusion.

Using language that reflects the belief that we will always live and work in a state of transition, and this is expected and welcomed, greatly influences others' reactions to change. This is one of the roots of how our organizational cultures address change.


More Testimonials

Bernice Moreau, Hospital Social Worker, Allina Health Systems

"Thank you again for the wonderful information and presentation yesterday on “Your Brain on Change”. I learned so much but the one nugget that will be my mantra for a very long time is “living gracefully with transition” will be my goal! The world of healthcare is ever-changing and evolving and to resist this is to set one up to be in a continued state of stress!"

Jason Eccles, Operations Manager, Branches, LLC

"I have viewed 2 separate presentations by Erika in regards to Working Smarts. She clearly translates her knowledge and understanding of how our brains work, connecting hard wired realities to human behavior. Her influence has caused our company to change the way in which it views and conducts performance evaluations. I would highly recommend Erika to any company that seeks a deeper understanding of its most important asset, human capital."

Wondering how you can be more productive at work?

Get your copy of our exclusive "SmartThings" list!

Full of our favorite goodies supporting radical productivity and well-being at work.