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Why People Act the Way They Do

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Behavior is not random. We don’t get up in the morning and fire off this random, nonsensical series of purposeless behavior that comes out of nowhere. All behavior is driven by the need to meet a core need.



We all have a core set of needs that we’re trying to fulfill, in addition to the base need for safety and survival. We’ve named this core set of needs – the “PICTuRe” needs which includes Power, Information, Certainty, Tetheredness, and Rightness. Those five needs are universal, all of us have all of them, and they vary in intensity in each one of us, and over time and in different settings.
Once you can see in yourself which needs are strong for you, and recognize how you behave when those strong needs aren’t met, THEN, you can also start to see them in others.


This is a turning point.

When you can see other peoples’ behaviors as just that . . . behaviors intended to meet their needs, we see each other differently. We react less. We take things less personally. Conflict and frictions fade. This is a nearly magical discovery and can change your daily experience at work immediately.

The fact is, most people are in their own heads, trying to figure out their lives and their world. They are not determined to annoy you, make you miserable, or threaten you.

We’re all doing the best we know how to do. Responding to others with our needs in mind means we’re likely to maintain respect for the person, and strive to meet the need – or a shared goal.

Much less drama, and much less stress.


Want our free PICTURE Model Quick Guide?

It describes each of the five needs and what it looks like when those needs are not met.

See if you can determine which needs are strong for you. Are any feeling unmet or aggravated right now?

We teach this model in all of our core live and online programs and have heard that it truly shifts mindsets, quickly! Interested in a fuller discussion of each need? Check out the short videos on our YouTube channel HERE.

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