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Tools for Radical Productivity

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Tools for Radical Productivity


Are you as focused as you'd like to be?

Do you have tools that assist you in getting more done in less time?


Sure, you can stumble across recommendations for products that could help you focus or make you more comfortable while you work. And, you could spend 30 minutes here and 30 minutes there doing wild Google searches for such tools. Go ahead if you have that kind of time. OR . . . you could place an ounce of trust in our expertise and experience and just grab our list of "SmartThings!" 

  • Updated periodically as new & better products become available
  • Support your cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being while working
  • Vetted to assure you of the SmartThings practicality, quality, and smart-ness!
  • Includes direct links to the best prices to save you further time
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WorkingSmarts Testimonials

From Terri Hieb, Core Program Coordinator Enterprise Learning & Development State of Minnesota

"We consistently receive rave reviews from participants in [Erika’s] programs. She engages the audience, shares deep expertise, keeps the session lively, and always has people wanting to connect after the event."

From Lori Schmit, Executive Director

"I’ve been planning an important meeting with stakeholders and will be changing my approach to leading that meeting based on the concepts Erika shared."

From Pam Belknap, Director Learning & Development, American Public Media, Minnesota Public Radio, Southern California Public Radio & Classical South Florida

"Thanks again, [Erika] – it was very useful stuff this morning and things I can both incorporate immediately and look at long term."

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"The SmartThings List" - Tools for Radical Productivity