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Brain-Friendly Workplace Micro-Assessment

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Brain-Friendly Workplace Micro-Assessment

How "Brain-Friendly" is Your Workplace?

Take our "Brain-Friendly Workplace Micro-Assessment" to See

Stop guessing or worrying, wringing your hands over the root causes of performance or morale issues.

Piggyback on our understanding of organizations, their behavior, and performance

You do what you do. You have areas of expertise and perhaps simple, applied neuroscience mixed with psychology, sociology, learning, and change aren't in your expert mix. That's fine! As any good leader knows, you surround yourself with other people who have skill and talent in areas that you do NOT. That's strategic and efficient.

So, borrow our research and experience record and use our micro-assessment to take a dipstick measure of your organization's effectiveness.

  • Save immense amounts of time teaching yourself how to analyze an organization's health and performance
  • Stay anonymous if you're just starting to peel back onion layers within your workplace
  • Give yourself some areas to start watching more closely or gathering information on
  • Lean on us to point the way or offer resources if you'd like to
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Ocea Bicha, HR Director

"Erika makes what could potentially be a very technical/scientific topic into a relatable and realistic subject, using real world examples."

Roland Sullivan, OD Consultant

"She was so creative in her presentation. We all learned a great deal. Her presence was just plain delightful."

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